Cannot Add Calendar Events

I’m a den leader and trying to add calendar events but when I click on the calendar it highlights the date briefly, appears to refresh but it doesn’t select the day I clicked nor is there ever an “add event” button to click to add anything to the calendar.

@JohnHyla_Jr You need a Pack Admin to make you a Den Admin in your Tiger den.

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The below message makes it seem like just being a Tiger Den Leader should have been sufficient. Am I missing something?

When you are added as a Den Leader for a den in Scoutbook, you are supposed to automatically be added as a Den Admin in the same den. I do not know why this did not happen in your case, but a Pack Admin needs to add you as a Den Admin for your Tiger Den in order to be able to add / edit events in the den calendar.

We have been in the process of “staffing up” our den leaders from parents. After they are registered, they auto get added to our leader list in the roster and have a DL role. The Den Leader role is generic and doesn’t have a den associated. It also doesn’t have den admin rights as the system doesn’t know which den they are the leader for. As soon as I go in and set the den, the den leader rights gets added.

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