Cannot add leader to Den Leader Role

I’ve worked with council support and was able to consolidate a duplicate profile of a leader in my pack; however, the leader cannot be assigned to the den leader role - they aren’t showing up in the search.

User 10315725 bsa 13424031

Can you help?

@MatthewWeiberg - the key issue is are they officially registered?

@MatthewWeiberg this user is not registered - they were a year ago.

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Now I’m curious if they deleted the wrong profile. If I provide the details - of the other profile can you help further?

perhaps - I looked for another but not under that name - post the number if you have it.

BSA 136851353

Userid 11170292

yeah that is deleted so cannot tell anything for it as far as positions - But she is Den Admin? so search is not going to find her. Go to roster - find name - add position - BUT she still needs to be registered

Thank you!

Also one more issue different leader.

BSA 137144344
Userid 10394517

He cannot access his account. But, it shows as if he has access. Can you look it over to see if something is wrong with it?

Thank you!

This is fixed @MatthewWeiberg

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Thank you for your help!

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