Scoutbook: Can't add leader to den - leader has BSAID and den has no assigned leader/admin

I am unable to add the correct den leader to a newly created den. I have confirmed the leader has a BSAID (133242670) and is showing on our Pack’s MyScouting roster.

When I try to add the leader in Scoutbook, I receive the following error message:

“No record found that satisfies the search criteria.”

I have tried searching using the leader name, leader email, and leaders BSA Member ID.

Please advise.

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There appears to be an issue with the leader search. SUAC has reported it to the developers.

Yes, this was recently reported to the developers. In the meantime, please confirm that they are officially registered on your my.scouting roster or that of a different unit (or an MBC). The existence of a member number by itself is not sufficient.

Looks like they verified the adult is registered with their unit.

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Doh! I read that too quickly.

The leader is already on your Pack Roster page in Scoutbook, so you shouldn’t need to search for her.

Try this:

  1. Go to your Pack Roster page in Scoutbook.
  2. Click on her name.
  3. Click on the “Add Position / Role” button.
  4. Select the position (Webelos Den Leader, Tiger Den Leader, or Den Leader depending on the den type)
  5. Select the Den
  6. Add the Date Started
  7. Click the Update button
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Not sure where else to post this as I’m having issues with Scoutbook.

We are a recently recharted pack and are having issues where parents have multiple BSA ID’s or weren’t added as leaders when they were registered and I dont know how to make them Den Leaders. Any help would be appreciated.


@BrianLackey if the Parents filled out Adult Leader Applications you can search for them by name to add them - if they did not fill out application they need to

I tired and it says they cant find them.

I have a new den leader that has been given “Den Admin” rights but not given “Den Leader” title. He cannot log in to scoutbook. There is not button to “Add title or position” like there is with my other leaders. He has used two different emails so I think it caused log-in conflict. His name is Mat Dunning and his BSA # is 13715975 and his user ID is 6607959. Please advise.


@KathleenBall that User does not have a current registration as a leader under that BSA # and I do not see another one under that name - google login is on for the account - has the user turned in an adult application?

Thank you! I will check with my cubmaster on that status.

can we check on BSA # 137434931. I submitted the paperwork for him to be a den leader but he is only showing up an Adult Partner for a Lion.

BSA 13926818 and 137434918 are for the same parent
BSA 4605627 and 13829655 are for the same parent.

Is the the right place to try and get these resolved?

@BrianLackey on first one - 12246746 - he has DL expired last year - I suggest talking to council to figure it out

DL? Drivers License?

@BrianLackey Den Leader=DL

@BrianLackey on the other 2 - First one is fixed. The Second one is merged but her positions are messed up as she is not registered - she needs to turn in an adult application to be a leader

I 100% turned in the application. I’ll check with Council.

what is 12246746? sorry, just trying to understand what I need to talk to council about.

@BrianLackey 12246746 is another BSA # for the first user - that BSA# had adult leader positions tied to it that ended 12/31/2020