Cannot add parent connection for registered leader

We are transitioning to Scoutbook from Troopmaster. We have a registered adult leader, who is in Scoutbook. When I attempt to add him as a parent connection to his child, Scoutbook Search says no record found. I have searched by name, email address, and BSA ID number but he does not come up.

Is the Adult already connected to the Scout? just go to the connection and click the Parent Checkbox

He is not and is not listed in the Scout’s Connections.

Are you a Unit Admin in Scoutbook? Setting connections is limited to Admins right now

I am and have been updated information for our Troop so we can discontinue Troopmaster.

What are the BSA #s @NelsonBrown

Scout: 133915352
Leader/Parent: 13763247

Looking at this - a work around is go to unit Roster - Click Connection Manager and just add a connection there then you can go in and make it a parent

Connection Manager! That did the trick. Thanks so much for your help.

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