Parent not connected to Scout

I have parent that isn’t connected to his scouts and when I try to search for him, his profile doesn’t come up.

Parent BSA #137107498 // SB # 11598430

Scout BSA #137107497 // SB #11598429
Scout BSA #13860036 // SB #11879169

@Matt There is a bug right now with searching for connections, but I have fixed this for you.

Thank you, I’ll have him login and confirm!

@JenniferOlinger I’m having the same issue. It’s mostly on parents who have multiple scouts. They are connected to one scout, but not the other, and I can’t add them to the other scout. How can I fix this?

@NicHales For right now, the workaround is to use the Connections Manager (available on the Pack Roster / Troop Roster / Crew Roster / Ship Roster page in Scoutbook, scroll down to the bottom) to add a connection between the adult and the Scout. Then go to the Scout’s Connections page, click on the parent’s name, and add the parent / guardian connection type.

@JenniferOlinger Thanks! That fixes one of the two. The other problem is a parent that is connected to his Webelos scout in our Pack, but not his scout in our Troop. What can we do there?

Would adding a “temporary” pack membership to the scout in the troop be a feasible work-around?

  • Troop Admin goes to the “Scoutname’s Memberships” for the sibling in the troop.
  • Troop Admin adds a membership in the pack to that scout.
  • Pack Admin goes to the pack roster, and approves that membership.
  • Pack Admin uses Connection Manager to connect the parent to the “troop” sibling.
  • Pack Admin corrects the connection to a Parent/Guardian type.
  • Pack Admin ends the pack membership.

I don’t have the right permissions to test this scheme out myself, but it seems like it should work.

I would not recommend adding a temporary pack membership to a Scout in a troop. There might be unintended consequences.

I know there are issues with advancement recording if there’s a concurrent pack/troop membership in the system, but it seemed like that would be transient. Is there something else that I’m not thinking of that would be problematic related to a transient membership?

Given that there’s not currently a way to fix the parent connection (as far as I can tell), it seemed like risk/benefit ratio was at least as good as most of the other work-arounds. Hopefully the underlying problem gets fixed quickly.

@NicHales I would recommend contacting your local council. They can make the parent / Scout connection with their Volunteer Support Tools.


I tried the adding the pack membership method before @JenniferOlinger replied. It worked fine until the end. When I ended his pack membership, I no longer had access to see that scout (as COR, I should see everything). The last step was that I invited the family to connect and they accepted the email. It appears that all is well. Thanks!

Does he still appear in the troop roster?

Yes. And I could see him again once his parent accepted my invite to connect.

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