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Cannot add participants to IA2 camping entry

I am trying to update a camping event that took place this past weekend. IA2 will let me post additional Scouts or leaders to the event, but then when I try to save the changes, they are not accepted.

I am a Key 3 Delegate and Unit Scoutbook Administrator.

Chuck Olson

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Ok, now I am totally confused. Its been about 5 minutes since I tried to save the update and was checking something else. When I went back to Activities, there was a long pause and then when it finally opened, the update had posted.


I’ve had apparently long lags when trying to get things to “change” in IA2. It’s one of my gripes about the system. I haven’t seen any kind of pattern to it, however. So, I haven’t yet reported the “problem”, assuming it was either PEBKAC or some sort of latency on my side. I generally don’t have similar problems with Scoutbook, but that’s not interacting with the new logs, either.

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