Cannot Approve Advancements

For my new and transferred scouts, I am not able to approve advancements. I notice that all of those scouts have yellow caution triangles next to their name.

Gregg Gremillion
Pack 988


First, check to see if they are on your official roster at If they are not on that roster, you will need to speak with your council. If they are on the roster, post their BSA Member IDs (no names) here and we will investigate.

Thanks for the quick response. How do I access the roster on I was only able to pull up my profile, account, and training.

A Key 3 member (cubmaster, committee chair, charter org rep) or Key 3 delegate will need to check for you. They can go to Menu → Unit → Roster in

I am the Cubmaster. My member ID is 135553107. First year as the Cubmaster. Still learning. Does someone have to designate me as a Key 3?

It appears your unit’s charter expired on 10/31/21 and your Council has not yet processed your recharter. Your Cubmaster position has a start date of 11/1/21 but is not yet listed as current. You will need to contact your Council registrar for assistance.

Once your Cubmaster position is current, you will be able to see the roster in

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Makes sense. Thanks for the clarity. I’ll come back if I have any more questions.

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