Scout shows on roster but cant update or approve

I have a cub the is registered with 2 councils. I have been able to approve her adventures prior to October. we have her chartering with her but there is a note that I need to contact my council on her that she is not matched with a scout in my council. I checked with my council and she is still registered and will be chartering with us as well for the next year.

Is she actively continuing in both councils? Or did she transfer mid-year? What’s her bsa member number (no names)?

She will be continuing with both as far as I know. Her bsa number is 13769715

If she is in 2 Councils, she will have 2 BSA Member IDs. There are 2 options here, neither ideal.

  1. Track all advancement through one Scoutbook account in one Council. One unit will appear with a yellow warning triangle on the roster (once that feature is fixed and re-released) because her BSA Member ID in Scoutbook will not be on the roster for that unit.
  2. Have a different Scoutbook account in each Council. Unfortunately this will cause her records to be split.

In either case, leaders from the two units will need to communicate to make sure all of her advancement is properly recorded.

My son transferred councils and Packs after we moved following his Webelos year. All of his awards, rank, and adventure achievements are in Scoutbook under his old pack. Our new pack was able to accept him, put him in a patrol, but we cannot approve any awards/requirements/rank for him- only record their completion. The new council gave him a new BSA number and scout account, but all his dates and records are still in his old account. Is there an easy way to transfer that information? The rep from council said we had to do it all by hand… which seems a ridiculous software limitation in 2021. Why do they need new BSA numbers to start with? Why can’t the new council sync Internet Advancement to his original BSA number and Scoutbook profile? Thx

@BrianTaylor2 I have merged N’s Scoutbook accounts.

@JenniferOlinger THANK YOU SO MUCH! Is this something my local council should know how to do? They told me this wasn’t possible. Is there another way I need to ask or should we always seek help in the forums after we transfer a scout?

They are able to merge two accounts associate with the council. But if they are different councils, I don’t believe they can.

Ok thank you. I’ll know where to get help in the future.

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