Cannot Approve Advancement

For my new and transferred scouts, I am not able to approve advancements. However, another den leader in our Pack is able to. Can you help me figure out why?

Gregg Gremillion
Pack 988

@GreggGremillion first guess is your connection is messed up - Go to unit Roster > Click your name > click Admin > click Update - that should solve it

Thanks Donovan. I did that but still no luck. Any other suggestions?

What connection type do you have to them? Is their membership approved?

There is a green check next to their membership and I have full control. Does that answer your question?

Are they on your official roster on

yeah post their BSA # and we can look

Here’s a few places to look. Thanks for helping.


New Scout (I have no access):

Transfer Scout (I have no access):

Old Scout (I have access):

137461374 shows a registration in Pack 988 starting 11/1/21 but the IsCurrent field is No. You will need to speak to your registrar to get this fixed.
136397608 shows a registration in Pack 988 starting 11/1/21 with the IsCurrent field No. This Scout also has a registration in Troop 443 ending 10/31/21 with IsCurrent field Yes. The registrar will need to fix this as well.

137001173 appears to be fine.

Thanks @edavignon. Registrar is a new term for me. Is that the parent, my Committee Chair or perhaps someone at Council? Thanks again.


@GreggGremillion It is a Council Staff member - in this situation @GaryFeutz can advise you

Hi @GaryFeutz. Please advise on what my next steps should be. Thanks

Greg, your recharter has not yet been processed. We are onboarding a new registrar but I will make some inquiries about what is holding your recharter up - sometimes there are issues with adult applications. Since you are in my Council I’ll email you directly.

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