Cubmaster cannot approve advancement

I have a cubmaster that is unable to approve advancements on Scoutbook. His MID is 1600277.

can he post to threaad? is alot easier first person to help. cause the account looks fine

I will try to get him to get on tonight if he can.

Once in ScoutBook, I go to “Internet Advancement”, Pack Roster, select the scout(s), Record Progress, Record Advancement, Select the Completion Date, and as soon as I select one of the options under “Type of Advancement” the window closes and I get an error message at the top of the screen, " We’ve encountered a problem with this feature. Our Development team has been notified of this error." This happens in both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Have you tried entering it in scoutbook instead of IA.

I do go to scoutbook and then I get redirected to IA.

To clarify, if you open up Scoutbook, and then My Dashboard > Administration > Pack #### > Den > Scout Name > Scout’s Advancement, you do not then see a list of ranks that you can choose from which will allow you to enter requirements?

@MatthewSamuelson - so, what is your role in the unit ? You certainly can enter advancement in scoutbook without being redirected. The url would be

This is the URL that I have been using.

I am the cubmaster…

@MatthewSamuelson - so how are you being redirected ?

It may be best to outline your steps… I am thinking you are missing the fact that you can access scoutbook.

Is it automatically redirecting you to IA, or are you manually selecting it?

When I log in to, I see:

If I click on my Dashboard, I see my units shown on the right side:

If I click on one of my units, I can enter advancement information by navigating either to the unit roster or the subunit rosters, or by using the Quick Entry feature.

I have occasionally had problems where I had the wrong role selected under the program symbol (Cub Scouting vs Scouts BSA vs Venturing) which resulted in different permissions. Have you verified that your Cubmaster role is selected under the Cub Scout logo in the upper right corner?

@MatthewSamuelson - ^^^^^ this from my friend @CharleyHamilton

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What path are you taking to that leads you to IA?

I’m not the Cubmaster for my Pack, but I am a Pack Admin. If I open Scoutbook, then go to the Pack Roster and choose a Scout, this is how I get to where I can enter advancement for a Cub Scout.

I was able to access the advancements thru My Dashboard instead of Internet Advancement. Thank you for your help.


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