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Cannot approve Internet Advancements

In Scoutbook, I am the Advancement Chair and Asst. Scoutmaster for two troops. From what I can tell, everything between the two troops is exactly the same. However, in Internet Advancement, I am able to approve “pending items” for one troop but not the other.
I followed the directions and updated my positions, but the problem still exists.
If I got into Scoutbook, I can approve awards and advancements for both troops, but I have no way of approving things like the activities that are required to be approved in Internet Advancement.

A Key 3 has to go to my.scouting.org > Organization Security manager and make you Advancement chair there - it erases at recharter

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You must be set up under organization manager in my scouting to have advancement chair privileges this i set by the key 3 annually. It has nothing to do with settings in Scoutbook

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