Internet Advancement Issues

I have an account with and Our Cub Master assigned me as Advancement Chair. In Scoutbook I can change and adjust any scout’s account however, no sight of Internet Advancement. We still have scouts that have yet to receive their rank badges from June 2019. How do I get assistance with this?

if you can approve in Scoutbook, you can do all you need.

this might be a good place to start - Getting the Report to Bring to Scout Shop from Scoutbook (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

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This does not help. I do not have access to the new Internet Advancement. I can not add any Scouts ranks nor belt loops, pins to their accounts.

All advancement chair roles expired on 12/31/2019. After your recharter is posted,a Key 3 member will be able to reset the Advancement Chair role. Until that time, you will not have access to Internet Advancement.

This is helpful. I’ll ask my Cub Master to reassign me as Advancement Chair. Thank you much!

@AudreyFlener if you have a account - you can get all your awards there without ever touching Internet Advancement - you said you had one so that is why I referenced the website above

I see there is a purchase tab for simply purchasing awards that have been entered. How do I enter each individual scout for their awards without IA?

If I knew how to attach a picture here I would show you what my account looks like. How does anyone opperate without IA?

@AudreyFlener -did you look at the help link that Donovan posted or did you dismiss it out of frustration. I have been pack Advancement chair for nearly a decade and several years with scoutbook and can walk you through the process. And certainly you can post images and screenshot pics here you just have to paste them into a post.

@AudreyFlener Are you able to log in at Scoutbook using the following link?:

Yes, I am extremely frustrated. I went to the page. I go into all the reports and it states nothing is to be approved or needs to be purchased. I was able to get into the new Internet Advancement in September. That process took several hours and several phone calls in order to use the new IA. Now I can’t get access it. The new IA is extremely easy to use. Someone mentioned my Advancement Chair expired 12/31/19. I contacted our Cub Master. I spent two hours on this yesterday including an hour away from family time last evening. I simply don’t understand how the page suggested to me helps? How am I able to post pictures here? Thank you.

Yes. I can log in here.

I greatly appreciate your attention and help with this. Is there a way I can simply gain access again to IA?

I appreciate your help. I’m extremely frustrated. I go to the reports in my account and it states nothing to be approved nor purchased. Before when I had access to the new IA and I assign awards to the scouts than a report generated. How do I do so without IA?

@AudreyFlener we are raising this issue with the developers. We agree that this is a serious workflow issue. Unfortunately, your charter will probably be processed before they come up with a solution, but we hope it can be avoided in the future.

@jacobfetzer As a matter of practicality, can we ask the developers if the security manager reset date could be moved to align with the 60 day grace period? This would help make the digital world match the real world. Just a thought and might be an easier fix than other more complex programming fixes. Just trying to offer thoughts and suggestions.

@AudreyFlener - I would be willing to try a screen share to see exactly what is happening or not as the case may be. You can email me at

OK, will email you Stephen. What do I do or where do I go from here? Fortunately, I have left over rank badges I can get to a couple of scouts. In the meantime, I can purchase awards without a submittal report. I’m left to hang onto dozens and dozens of awards I can’t attached to each individual scout.

I just sent you photos of my account and the empty reports. I have access to modify every scouts account and change personal information. However, no IA. Can someone check if I’m selected as the Advancement Chair for our pack?

@AudreyFlener - I sent you a reply.