Cannot change date of Board of Review = Cannot change date of award

We had a Star Scout who had his Life Board of Review six months and one day prior to his 18th birthday. The date was input on / as the next day, and he was awarded Life. Now he’s completed all the requirements for Eagle BUT the miskeyed date of the BOR is problematic. I can’t change the date of award of Life without modifying Requirement 8 - when I try to mod that date I get “You cannot edit this rank requirement because it’s already approved.” I’ve checked all the other requirement dates and they are correct, but I can’t change this one. The Scout’s birthday is coming up and we’re trying to fix the record in Scoutbook to schedule his EBoR. Help!


A unit admin must click on the Date Completed for Life, clear the awarded and approved check boxes and the completion date. Then change the BOR date, click on the overall completion date and set the Leader Approved and Awarded check boxes.

Yep. I’m the unit admin and I tried that. Success in unchecking the “Awarded Life” - no joy when attempting to uncheck the awarded / completed box on Requirement 8. Same issue if I try to tweak the date.

You have to clear the checkboxes for awarded/Approved and date all at once

I’ve tried unchecking the “Leader Approved/Awarded” box and deleting the numbers in the DATE COMPLETED field. It still errors when I click SAVE and does not accept changes.

OK are you doing the BOR date or the overall date? You need to do on overall date

I have successfully unchecked the overall awarded AND the requirement for 8 is unchecked. However, when I attempt to plug at date into req 8 I still get the “You cannot edit this rank requirement because it is already approved” error

you have to erase the overall date too

No joy I’m afraid. Scoutbook isn’t allowing change…

I can setup a screenshare if you want

Sure! How about at 1PM Eastern Daylight? I’ll get to a workstation…

No in middle of a meeting till 12:30 CST - after that yes before 2 CST

Roger. I’ll stand by…

@MichaelSierra I am free now if it is a good time I can send a link

hit me!
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Hit me!

I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

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