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One of the scouts in our troop (who also happens to be my son), mistakenly put the wrong month for his Star Rank advancement (Feb 22 vs. March 22). There appears to be no way to correct this as #8 now also shows Feb. 22. When he tries to change either the top Star Rank completion or Req #8, there is an error message that appears saying it can’t change because either of the two are marked with the earlier date. He has tried multiple ways around this to no avail. I’ve looked to see if there is a way as scoutmaster I can correct (as I’m sure this will come up with other scouts down the line as well.). Thank you for any guidance for the scouts or for me.
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He cannot do it if the Rank is Approved @JasonKhoury - a leader needs to Unapprove the Rank > Save > then change the date.


@JasonKhoury If all of the requirements for the rank are marked as completed, then you will need to remove one of them before you will be able to remove the board of review, because when all of the requirements are marked as completed, the Scoutbook code will “roll up” and mark the rank as completed overall. I would recommend the Scoutmaster conference.

You might need to unapprove the requirement, then save. Then you should be able to remove the date.

I have the same problem. Life Rank is 2 days too early in the system. Our Scout has earned Eagle as of tonight, and we just need to date the Life Rank 2 days later! But I cannot seem to edit it at all. I keep getting thrown back when I try to unapprove the Scoutmaster conference, it says I cannot because the rank has already been approved. And when I try to unapprove the rank, I cannot because the Board of Review was approved, etc, etc. HELP!

Start by unapproving and clearing the date for one of the other life requirements. Then do the same for the overall life rank. Then for the BOR.

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Perfect! I wasn’t completely clearing the date- that order and clearing the date for each one fixed it! Thank you!!

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