Correction of BOR Date

my scouts Life BOR was conducted 1 day too early 7/18/22. I entered the BOR date and approved prior to entering the months of service.

Scoutbook allowed this entry (programming Flaw) and since it’s approved I can’t edit the date. If I try to enter the months of service Req#1 with the same incorrect date it correctly states Required time has not been met which should be 7/19/22.
I’m unable to uncheck approval for BOR req#8 and save as it states it’s already been approved and can’t be edited.

Please help

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First, remove approval and the completion date from the overall Life rank. At that point you should be able to remove approval from BOR and change the date.

I tried that that’s my issue for posting. I get the following message in doing so “You cannot edit this rank requirement because it’s already approved.
Autumn earned Life scout badge on Jul 18, 2022. All Life Scout requirements must be completed on or before July 18, 2022”

@NormanLemasters_Jr - can you uncheck the approval check box


When I look in the DB, it shows Autumn H’s Life rank is completed on 7/18/22 but has not been approved.

@NormanLemasters_Jr uncheck approve and save. Then clear to rank date and save. Then you can fix BOR with no date on rank

Try going to the board of review requirement #8.

Click on it and remove the “leader approved/recorded” checkbox, and then save. Then click on requirement #8 again and remove the date completed.

After you do this, you should be able to change the overall completion date.

The Req # 8 has been checked and approved. The overall Life rank has not been marked as approved.

I’ve tried to uncheck the approval for #8 which I can do but when I save I get the message you can’t edit this because it’s already approved…

I want to thank everyone for the help. It’s now been resolved.

@NormanLemasters_Jr - so much for your bug…


What was the final solution?

@Stephen_Hornak - There is still a bug. You shouldn’t be allowed to select BOR with a date under the full months of service for Req8. If you select Req #1 it calculates the time and will not allow it if it’s under.

@ edavignon - What I finally got it to work was uncheck the completed life box, saved, then exited scout book. I then logged back on and unchecked req8, removed date, and saved. Then I was able to complete the LIFE rank with correct dates.
Thanks - your help steered me in the right direction.
Sorry I didn’t get back sooner with the solution but work got in the way. There reason I logged on now.

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From what I’ve seen the Life BOR dates do enforce a six month period from the Star date. What date did the scout earn Star?


The scout earned Star on 1/19/22 so the earliest the Life BOR could be held is 7/19/22. SB should not have permitted 7/18/22 to be entered.

When I tested just now, it prevented me from entering it one day early. So, it’s not clear how to reproduce this. Any insights would be appreciated.

Did you try testing with Quick Entry?

Aha. That’s the culprit.

req#1 (months of service) was not marked completed when I used quick entry to enter the BOR date. This allowed the date to be entered and no warning occurred.

Moving forward I will make sure months of service is checked and not use quick entry. This would have told me it was too soon and had to wait one day.

@NormanLemasters_Jr I just happened to notice that this Scout’s leadership position (SPL) needs to be approved in Scoutbook.

The only requirement that needs to be marked complete for the BOR is requirement 3. This is because some units don’t track every single requirement in scoutbook. The check on BOR is a calculation off the Star completion date.

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