Fixing wrong date of scout advancement

Hi all - I have a Life scout showing an incorrect date of rank. It appears to be pulling from Requirement 8’s date of the board of review which shows the same incorrect date. When I edit that date, it says I can’t edit it as the rank has been approved. I also won’t allow me to uncheck leader approval, saying it’s already approved. At the top of the scout’s Life rank page, it won’t allow me to unapprove the Earned link, saying the “time in rank not completed”. Is there some other way to fix this incorrect date? thanks in advance.

@JohnDean4 go to total date - unapprove and clear date at same time worked for me yesterday for same issue

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Hi - I’m not sure what you mean by “total date?”

There’s a Date Completed for the overall rank, as well as dates for each of the requirements. You can’t change the requirement dates (e.g. BoR) as long as there’s a date completed for the overall rank that would contradict the changed requirement date.

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