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Cannot Change Position for Leader in Recharter

User Member ID#13916453 cannot change the position for one of their ASMs to MC in the recharter. They cannot recharter without changing the position because they do not have the requisite MC members. The adult is both an ASM and Treasurer for the Troop. Suggestions?

What is the MID they are trying to change? how does it fail??

The MID she is trying to change is 136738681. I have asked for a screen shot of what happens.

Iā€™m having a similar issue. COR/CC to SM. I am the SM and becoming the COR/CC. My changes went through without issue.

The adult is currently listed as an ASM and they want to move her to MC, since she will be the treasurer.

@SarahNorman what is MID of the user trying to do this

MID 13916453. She is the COR.

Hi Donovan. Thanks for all of your help throughout the rechartering process! Any word on how to guide this unit through the change position process yet?

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