Internet recharter won't update leadership position

I am trying to update leader roles for Recharter. It will not allow me to update my position from Committee Chair to Cubmaster on the Recharter. I can change all leader positions except mine. Any suggestions?

Jon Bowman

have you assigned a new Chair?

Yes I have. I have multiple roles listed in our unit. It won’t let me change any of my positions.

Well that might be the issue - only the COR can have more than one role - what roles are listed in recharter

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Scratch that. The only role i have listed on the recharter for our cub unit is committee chair which I’m trying to change to cubmaster. The other role present(committee member) is a multiple role for our troop unit.

Well your multiple would only show on the Troop one then I think

Any suggestions why I can’t update my position?

Your notes above are a bit confusing, so I’ll poke a bit.

What do you mean by “the only role present (committee member) is a multiple role for our troop unit.”? Do you mean that person has multipled?

In this unit, it shows your registration only having the current role of cubmaster?
You set the new cubmaster to cubmaster?
Just to check - do you have the other requirements met?
-Committee Member
-Committee Member

I am trying to change my position from committee chair to cubmaster. I click the update position button and receive an error message that says position cannot be updated.

The comment about multiple roles refers to me being a multiple on another unit. I didn’t know if that would affect things.

I have the other required positions COR, DL, Committee members, etc.

@JonBowman I can setup a screenshare now to look at it if you want

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You could try a couple options:

  1. Ask your Chartered Org. Rep. (or COR Delegate) to change your registered position at my.scouting using the Position Manager (Pack XXXX → Roster → Position Manger). This can be done now or it can be done after your Recharter posts. Either way, you will need to wait for an overnight process to run, but you should be in your new registered position the following day.

  2. In Recharter, try temporarily removing yourself (Remove From Recharter), then add yourself back. See if you then have the option to change your registered position to Cubmaster.

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@JonBowman the issue is in Recharter you have 2 positions in the unit - Chair and Committee member - end the Committee member should resolve it

I can’t edit or remove either position.

@JonBowman as I said I will be happy to setup a screenshare to help

I was forgetting to refresh the charter between editing. It let me change the position. Thank you for your help.

I refreshed the charter which allowed me to delete my second role then edit my position. I am now listed as cubmaster. Thank you!

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