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Cannot Change users Email Address

I have a parent that has the wrong email in their Scoutbook profile. I am a 3 key admin for my pack but when I attempt to update the email I get an unspecific error.

admins cannot change emails - only users can change their own email


I would add a caveat to the change of parent email. If the parent has not connected yet and most likely not if the email is not correct I have been able in the past to correct the email and re-send the invite.

@AndrewKraft Did you try searching based on the correct e-mail address? There is a good chance the parent is already in the system.

My issue is this user has not connected due to the incorrect email. Which I am unable to fix so they can then connect. Stuck in a catch-22. Also searched for the user with correct email and it is not in Scoutbook.

@AndrewKraft I have sent you a private message for more information. Please look for the indicator on your avatar (yours is a blue “A”) in the upper right of the forums.