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Change Parent E-mail Address

So on another somewhat related note. I wanted to update an email address for a parent. Where do I do that. When i go into the child’s connections and click on the parent then edit profile there is nowhere to enter an email? I am sure there was before where did it go? I also noticed that when going into my profile my profile name no longer appears in my profile. What is happening? I also can not find a place to update my email?

Once a parent connects to their account, only the parent can change their e-mail address in Scoutbook. This restriction is there for security reasons.

For the parent to change their e-mail address, they need to log in to Scoutbook and go to
My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> Email

So if a parent has never connected to scoutbook, how do I invite them? Or if they change their email before connecting? I have several parents very frustrated with how to get access.

If they have not connected to Scoutbook yet, you should be able to change their e-mail by going to their Edit Profile page.

OK There must have been a short bug, once I logged out and back on I got the email slot to show up. Sorry, I didn’t do that to start with as I thought it had been there in the past and couldn’t understand why it would have been removed. Thank you.