Cannot delete scouts from an activity or camping

I accidentally added a scout to an activity and to a camping trip that need to be removed. When I click edit for the event, it will not allow me to remove the scout. Has this been fixed since 2020 when so many posted this as a problem?
We want our database to be accurate. I have a list of changes that need to be made and am waiting for the fix.

Thanks for any help!!!

Troop55 Advancement

Is this an event from the old logs? Those are static imports. On new activities, you edit and X the name - very simple.

Screen Shot 2023-06-05 at 2.43.38 PM

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Internet Advancement and Scoutbook have different permissions. You might not have the permissions that you need in order to remove someone from an activity that has been approved.

No. I just entered them last week…incorrectly added a scout who wasn’t at the campout. When I choose edit, there is no "x’ next to the name so I cannot delete the scout.


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