Unable to delete scout from an activity

I added a scout to a camping activity in error and now can’t delete him. I opened the activity and deleted the scout with the “x” button but when I click on the green edit and finish button at the bottom of the screen, nothing happens. Doesn’t work using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. I am Advancement Chair so have access to the activity logs for all my scouts.

I can’t assist with your question but have a similar question. A parent entered an achievement for their scout (religious emblem as part of Duty to God) but it was an error so we’re trying to remove it from the Scout’s record. As Cubmaster, Scoutbook is not allowing me to do so. Error message says I need to remove the date the adventure was completed first but I’m unsure how to do this. Thanks for any assistance.

@SusanDuenas - you can try this

Thanks. I’ve tried removing the date by deleting it and then clicking save but I keep getting the same message about removing the date. Is there another way to “remove the date” besides deleting it?

The scout completed Duty to God by completing other requirements. I’m trying to remove Option #2, not the entire Achievement. Or maybe I need to remove the entire achievement and then re-enter the specifics that he did complete?

@SusanDuenas - it may be best to remove everything then re-enter what actually was completed

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Thank you. I just tried that and it worked. I appreciate your help.