Camping Events Cannot Be Deleted or Edited

A camping event needs to be deleted, as the park is temporarily halting the ability to camp there. However, I am not able to delete this event, and I am the one who created it. Here is a screenshot.

(Image deleted)

It’s important to be able to delete this event - or even edit it. But it seems that for this particular event, neither option is available at all.

Can you confirm that no one who has admin access to your unit added a second unit to the event? If so, only people with access to both units can edit it.


I deleted the image since it has names.

In the image, the fact the some of the names have last initial makes me think some of them are from a different unit or subunit that you don’t have access to. Is that the case?


@CrystiCouture Following up on Jacob’s suggestion: It looks like a connections issue. You are not connected to some of the Scouts in the troop.

Ask a Troop Admin to use the Connections Manager to connect you to the other Scouts.

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