Cannot edit achievements of scouts in my den in scoutbook

I’m still have trouble with my den in scout book. I’ve visited my council and they said my pack needs to add me as a den leader but my pack has done that. I can see the scouts in the den but I cannot edit there achievements, accept my son’s since I’m his parent. I can only view the other scouts. Who do I need to go to get this fixed? I’ve been trying since March. Pennsylvania Juniata valley council pack 330 tiger den frustrated leader

I’m wondering if what your council meant is that your pack needs to register you as a DL. What registered positions show up when you look at your profile at

It’s also possible that your unit didn’t assign you as a Den Admin in Scoutbook. That is now automatically part of an assignment of Den Leader but didn’t used to be. However, if you’re not registered, no amount of fiddling things in Scoutbook will get you access.


I only see 2 Scouts in the Tiger Den where you are a Den Leader and Den Admin. The Scout that is not your child has initials HE. Have a unit admin confirm that all Tigers are in the proper den.

You are missing a full control connection to HE. I have asked the developers to investigate.

@RobertGoodling Are you a Den Admin for a single Den 3? Or are there two Den 3s?

I see 2 Den Admin roles for you with Tiger Den 3. If it’s the same den, then I would recommend ending one of them, and then ask a Pack Admin to reset your remaining Den Admin role. A Pack Admin can reset your Den Admin role by:

  1. Going to the Pack Roster page in Scoutbook.
  2. Click on your name.
  3. Click on your Den Admin role.
  4. Click Update to save.

They’ve checked and I’m registered as the den admin and tiger leader. There are only 2 scouts in the den at this time, and the pack, council and I can’t figure out why i don’t have permissions to enter actions for the other den member. I’ve attached the profile pic the pack sent me.

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@RobertGoodling Are you a Den Leader for 2 dens? Or just 1 den?

I don’t know if it matters, but you could try flipping your primary role in Scoutbook from Den Leader to Tiger DL.

Also, as @JenniferOlinger noted earlier, it looks like you have two Den Admin roles for the same den. The duplication might be confusing the software.

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@RobertGoodling Based on what I can see, a Pack Admin needs to reset your Den Admin role.

A Pack Admin needs to go through the Pack Roster page in Scoutbook , click on your name, click on your Den Admin role, and then click Update to save. That should reset your Admin connections to the Scouts in your den.

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