Question on not showing up as the den leader

Everyone here has been quite helpful so far so I decided to enlist your help with another problem. In my positions, I am correctly listed as the Tiger Den leader. However, when I go to the Tiger Den it shows there is no den leader. Is it more of an admin approval that needs to be done or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!


You are registered as a Den Leader, not a Tiger Den Leader. Your Charter Org Rep can go into the roster in and change your position.

A Scoutbook Admin also needs to assign you to the Tiger Den as Tiger Den Leader.

Yes an admin needs to approve your SB positions

Thanks for the help so far. We were able to sort out the issue to get me “approved” but I still am unable to figure out how to go into an individual scout’s profile to enter advancement. SB mentions I’m not “connected” yet it would seem normal to expect me to be able to access it as den leader. I only can access my son’s profile.

Is there also any way to have the den show up in the “Scouting” app so I can enter adventures, etc at the meetings? Is it designed only as a parent resource?

A pack admin also needs to make you a den admin.

The scouting app is just for scouts and parents

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