Cannot find Cub Scout for transfer

I have a cub I cannot find to transfer ID#136527482, is there a way I can verify his registration and ID?

Where are you looking for the scout (Scoutbook, my.scouting, somewhere else)? Are you a scouter associated with the source unit or the receiving unit, council staff, or a parent/guardian for the scout?

The details of what you’re trying to do/where you’re looking will impact reasons you might not be finding the scout.

@IainBarksdale The Scout with that BSA member ID number has an expired registration. Expired registrations cannot be transferred.


I am a Cubmaster attempting to transfer the Cubs into our unit. He is no longer in the old unit’s Scoutbook. I don’t think he has been registered for a year or two. I tried to transfer in with the appropriate data, but he could not be found. Would he have been purged from the system by now and have to re-register.

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He will need to be re-registered. His data is not lost. You can provide his old BSA Member ID with his registration so that a new number is not generated and everything currently in his record will be visible again.


@IainBarksdale - i can say from experience that bringing a cub back after a membership laps will bring the record in right where they left off. You will want to put that BSA ID in the box for the unexpired number

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I also noticed that Dad had essentially logged in as the scout in the past. I cleaned that up so they could use for an online application after an overnight sync tonight. Dad would need to log with a username that is firstinitialmiddleinituallastname.


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