Transfer Scouts showing on roster but not on Scoutbook roster

We have several scouts who have transferred in from other councils and are not showing on our Scoutbook roster. They are on our roster but we can not figure out why they aren’t on our Scoutbook. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You have a fairly large unit. Do you have the BSA member numbers of the missing Scouts?

@LeahBorst SBAC monitor needs a few, not all BSA member ID numbers (no names) to check if there is a pattern to your situation.

14280511 and 13893145 are transfers from other councils.
14243840 is a scout who accidentally registered with our troop. They transferred him over to our pack but he has never shown up on our roster.



14280511 - I have requested a membership sync. This Scout should appear on your pack’s Scoutbook roster later today.

13893145 - I only see a registration for this Scout in a different council (Heart of America Council).

14243840 - I will escalate this one.

Does the old pack need to start the transfer process or does he have to fill out a new application?

@LeahBorst The parents should be able to use, find your pack, and register that way.

Or a paper application is also an option.

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I think this has been fixed. Please let us know if you still have issues with this Scout.

Yes it has. Thank you. Is there a way to delete the two that we added in an attempt to fix this?

@LeahBorst The Scout’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

I have a similar problem with a scout that is in our membership on my.scouting but not in Scoutbook. He transferred last spring. Do I reach out to my council about it?

@JonathanAyer If you provide the Scout’s BSA member number, we can take a look.

BSA # 14199022
I may have also made the mistake of setting up a SB account thats not needed if that can be deleted or merged.

@JonathanAyer I will take a look.

@JonathanAyer I have requested a position sync. The Scout should appear back on your roster later today.

Thank you! Will that also take care of merging the id we created for him?

@JonathanAyer I have merged the Scout’s Scoutbook accounts.

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