Scout account missing Pack 3738

Hello. I have a cub scout in my pack that is not showing up in Scoutbook. On Jan 1, 2023, his father said his account went missing completely. Beliw is his email with all member IDs involved. They are supposed to be in Pack 3738 in Viera, FL (central Florida Council, Challenger District). Is there any way to get this resolved here?

Hi Andrew…

I still haven’t heard anything back, so I’m resending this. On the page, where I previously have tried to initiate the pack transfer, there is no longer a button to “apply” by our pack. Is there a new process to initiate that? Other packs (like 720 and 285) still have the feature.

Also, in scoutbook, all of J.'s information seems to have been removed (it was previously visible under my own scoutbook account, my scoutbook user ID is 7389718.) Since he was detached from the Virginia Pack on 1 Jan 23, I’m wondering if that has anything to do with it? Is there a way for H. or you to pull him into the pack/den manually within the website? His BSA number is 13996375 and his scoutbook ID is 12089168. It does look like somehow my my.scouting,org account has affiliated with Central Florida, but it gave me a new ID number of 14496836, and still lists my old ID from Virginia of 110121262, but the primary is listed as the Florida one.

I’m concerned about all his records seeming to disappear, so hopefully they will return once affiliated with the Pack.



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@AndrewBohlin I do not see this scout registered in your council - have a key 3 go to and check the roster there - that is the official one. If scout is there what is the BSA #?

@AndrewBohlin This Scout has a BSA member number in your council, but is not currently registered:


The Scout’s registration in the former council is expired / lapsed.

The Scout’s information is still in Scoutbook. The parent cannot see the information, because the Scout has no current memberships.

You could try a paper application and write 14550596 / 13996375. Hopefully, your council can use the BSA member number that has already been created in your council for the Scout.

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