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Cannot log in to Scoutbook

BSA ID 12267833 cannot login to Scoutbook. When they try to login, it just spins until it times out.

This should be fixed now

What about BSA ID 136561255? She originally had two accounts that were merged into one but she can’t login to my.scouting.org or scoutbook. She entered the BSA ID and her birthdate and the system didn’t recognize an account with that info.

she should use melisaelaine and my.scouting.org password

Can I ask for the same assist for the same issue. BSA ID 130634185.

Thank you,


@WilliamEvans that user should be able to log in using coachcrb and my.scouting.org password


The user should be logging in with the ID coach followed by his 3 initials for example coachxyz. He should also log in to my.scouting.org and change his first name to his legal name to avoid future name matching issues.

Thank you very much for the help and quick turnaround. I will pass this along and make sure he is good to go.

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