Login issues on scoutbook

Per our scoutmaster, “every time I have to log in. It doesn’t accept my password, then I have to reset it(using the same password I used) then hours later it will let me log in.”

Is there anything we can do to get his issue fixed? Let me know if you need any of his information or you can email me privately at (removed by Moderator)

The scoutmaster’s bsa member number (no names needed) would help us look into it.

His BSA ID is 129961525. Thank you very much for looking into this.


I don’t see anything wrong with his ID. Is he logging in with the portion of e-mail address before the @?

sometimes logging into my.scouting.org solves logins for Scoutbook somehow

He said “when I log in it’s says there’s another person with the same bsa id using the app”

@ChristineSmith2 his EMAIL was on his scouts account - I cleared it

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