Please help me log in to scoutbook

Unable to login to scoutbook since the beginning of the year.
I can log in to

“We encountered an error logging you into Scoutbook. Please try again at a later time.”

Member ID 126659479


I found one issue with your ID. It had your son’s BSA Member ID (MID) listed as secondary. I have removed that MID even though I don’t think that should cause an issue logging in to Scoutbook.

Make sure you are using your ID which is the portion of your e-mail address before the @.

Thank you for a speedy reply.
Unfortunately, I am still experiencing the same problem.

I have been trying on both Google Chrome and Safari, on both PC and iPad. Nothing is allowing me access.

Give SB a try now @MelissaBoonie

Yes!!! Success.
Thank you.


I have a parent in my den who cannot access their Scoutbook - I think they have lost their password and don’t seem to be able to reset it. Their details are:
SB User ID:


BSA Member ID:


Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

@AoifeConerney Both of those numbers you provided belong to a youth.

The parent connected to this Scout should be using BSA member ID number: 14296945. I would recommend having her go to my.Scouting and use the chatbot (“Betty”) to reset her password. When it asks: “Do you remember your security questions?”, she can say No to bypass.

OK - I will pass that on to the parent. Thank you for the help!

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