Cannot login leader side of scoutbook

Hello I cannot login on leader side of scoutbook. But I can login regular side my roles are correct it says another account is using same email address but. I am using same same credentials as myscouting. When I try to use leader login it half the time will not even give me a login button to press but when it does I get an error that my roles need to be changed my roles have been changed and Is correct on regular login . Can you please help me with this I am running an iPhone with iOS 17 update thanks

What do you mean by “leader side”? Are you talking about the Den Leader Experience ( Accessing the leader features in Scoutbook ( Or Internet Advancement (

Do you mean the Den Leader Experience? We do not recommend using it.

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@KennethWoods - do yourself and your unit a favor and do not ever use the den leader experience

Yes sorry Den leader login. Thanks

So, the others have already mentioned that DLE has some significant functionality issues, which you can find pretty easily by searching “Den Leader Experience” or “DLE” in these groups.

That said, if you’re determined to use DLE, I would start by:

  • Verifying that your registered position in my.scouting is as a Den Leader (or Tiger Den Leader, or Webelos Den Leader, as applicable). I understand only registered DLs have access to the DLE.
  • Verifying that your Unit Key 3/Unit Admins have assigned a den of the appropriate level to you in Scoutbook ( I thought that if there’s no den assigned to you in Scoutbook, you can’t access DLE.
  • Verifying that you can see your den at Scoutbook, which will help isolate the issue to DLE rather than your account in general.

Den Admin will also work.

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Thank you all for the info yes I get what you’re saying about having. The right credentials to use it . I do have the correct role and full access to our pack. And there is other leaders in our pack that can use the leader login at times . What I do not get is The scoutbook website. Bills the leader login as the latest greatest tools for registered leaders. Why even offer it If you can’t even use it correctly . Not sure who is programming and coding this for BSA. This shouldn’t be an issue for registered leaders that have the correct credentials. Thank you for the help sorry about the complaint I just don’t get why offer something that doesn’t work correctly. A good software company that offers service apps like this. They build it test it and then it is put into service. Yes they occasionally break or need updates like the maintenance this morning that obviously doesn’t fix the issues that so many has. Thanks I will just use the regular till it is fixed.

@KennethWoods you do not have the correct credentials - you are a Cubmaster - not a Den Leader - that is the issue. DLE is for Den Leaders

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Thanks Donovan I get what your saying It really makes no since for a Cubmaster to not have same access to tools and resources on the Den leader login side. Thanks for clarifying that up. Have a good evening.

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