Your role needs upgrading. Log in to

Hello all,

I attempted to log into Scoutbook for Den Leaders when I received the message “Your role needs upgrading. Log in to” I have no idea what needs to be done to correct this issue but I did the confirm the following per Scoutbook:

  • I am the Pack Admin
  • I am the Scoutmaster
  • I am a Den Leader

I am able to preform all of the necessary tasks in Scoutbook, just unable to get into Scoutbook for Den Leaders. Any help would be appreciated, and I thank you all in advance.


Check your registered positions at my.scouting. One scouter can’t be registered as both cubmaster and den leader in the same unit. I suspect DLE is checking registered positions.

@TonyZubella - and if you are talking anout the den leader experience please do not use that. You are better off with Scoutbook

I am aware of the limitations of the “den leader” experience. We use it to assist us in meeting breakdowns and activities. That being said, is there another way to access that information? I do have the books for each rank, I just like to use all of the resources at our disposal as Leaders. Thanks in advance!

You have five or six different member numbers (some with Tony, others with Anthony). I changed which one is primary. Log out of all scouting sites before logging back in.

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