Getting an error whenever I try to access scoutbook from my own PC/Phone

I am running into an issue where my leader portal of scoutbook is failing to load, I get the attached error message before I am ever prompted with a login page. I assume something is holding onto bad credentials and I found that if I disable cookies I can get to the login page from a firefox browser. This leads me to believe that Scoutbook is holding onto some cookies based on my IP/Mac Address. Can you please investigate so I can go back to using the mobile version of

as an additional piece of troubleshooting info. I am able to login to from my work PC


That is Den Leader Experience, not Scoutbook. The URL for Scoutbook is

We have reported the DLE issue to the developers.

Perfect! thank you for the quick response, I did send over feedback with the button on the same error but no one ever got back to me :). Is there a more direct path I can use to reach out to the DLE devs?

Your only option is to contact your council or post to the forums. The BSA does not provide direct support to members.

big yikes there. No wonder the general feedback I got from my pack was “Leader Scoutbook is terrible” (I think they were referring to DLE) Its too bad really, it seems pretty slick based on what I have seen so far.

Great news! @DonovanMcNeil mentioned a fix was pushed to DLE and I am able to access it now!! Side note initially I could not get it open on my phone so I had to toggle the “Desktop Site” in the chrome settings and then I was able to get a login page!

I was having the same problem and I may have found a work around for this issue.

I logged in to SB to edut a calendar entry created in the DLE, and you’re given a warning at the top of the edit that reads

“You are viewing an event created in Scoutbook
for Den Leaders app. You can only update
Location and Dates fields. Click here to access
Scoutbook for Den Leaders.”

When I clicked the red “here” it loaded the DLE, said I had an old version, and forced an update. I’ve had no issues logging in to the DLE since.

Hope this helps those having the same “whoops” issue.

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