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Cannot login to scouting app

I’ve set up Scoutbook and linked to my son’s acct and I’ve set up my SSO. When I access the scouting app I get the message, “Sorry, something went wrong”. Which account should I use with the scouting app? I am only a parent and not registered with the BSA. I can see that I’m linked to my son in Scoutbook. My scoutbook login and my,scouting logins are different.

I think you need to

  1. Get your bsa number from
  2. go to scoutbook > my account > Switch SSO Profile - enter data here

That should resolve it - after that you log into Scoutbook with your credentials

Thank you, I confirmed that the BSA number entered on the SSO profile is the same as my.scouting and I also log into scoutbook with the same login as my.scouting. Unfortunately, I’m still receiving the error message.

so did you do the steps above?

Yes, The bsa number was already correctly entered and the login info I was using was the same for both scoutbook and my.scouting.

I think what @DonovanMcNeil is getting at is that sometimes, the display looks like everything is correct, but behind the scenes, something needs to be reset. Going through the Switch SSO Profile process, even if it’s just re-entering the same data, can reset the problematic items.

@RobinPitts - in first post you said they were different logins? Are they the same?

It doesn’t allow the bsa number to be changed/reentered etc, but yes I had updated the SSO profile with the my.scouting login

so know your login for SB is your MYST login? Have you tried the app again?

Can you send a screenshot of the app - so i can see the screen you are seeing?

I was just able to login in! Maybe I just needed to give time for my.scouting to update before the app could pick it up.

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