Scout has been invited by parent to join SB but is getting sso error - how to fix?

Our troop is migrating to SB from troop track and I am in the process of getting parents to invite their scouts. I have one scout who is in our system (came from another troop a year ago) and is now connected to the parent and was granted access, but from the email, the link to join never got in, and is now getting a sso error that goes nowhere. How do I manually connect him? has a valid ID# and is able to log into but neither the code he received to scoutbook nor his myscouting password works to get in.

the same username / password combo for should work on Scoutbook? What is BSA #

@AlexMauer What is the Scout’s BSA member number?

I have two experiencing the same issue - 135792681 and 133844556 thanks for your help

135792681 logged in yesterday afternoon - 133844556 logged in last night @AlexMauer

Yes, that is true, but both are getting a sso error and cannot advance past that screen, so they can get into scoutbook using their my scouting. org username and passwords neither can get past a warning sign that says their sso access is incorrect.

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