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Cannot move Lion Leader to Tiger Leader

I have moved over all of my Dens and their leaders, except for some reason the Lion leader is not allowed to move over to my Tiger den. She has her YPT completed and has been a registered leader with our unit since January. Can you please help me get my leader assigned back to her den.

Lesley - did you use the advance den from the edit den page ? If you add the position of Tiger Den Leader does it give you an error ?

From the den page, the easiest way to do this is click edit den > advance den. I recommend starting at Bears abs working your way down to Lions to avoid confusion.

It sounds like already missed your chance to do that. So, the position you are looking for is “Tiger Den Leader”, not “Den Leader”.

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I did not put Tiger Den LEader and that was the issue. Thank you for the quick response.

Just to add what @jacobfetzer said, if you follow his instructions, it automatically moves the adult Den Leader to Tiger Den Leader along with advancing the Den (at least it did for me).