Cannot search for merit badge counselors

I recently became the merit badge counselor coordinator for our troop. The current coordinator can search for merit badge counselors, but I don’t have this feature. How can I search for merit badge counselors and connect them with members of our troop?

I’m assuming that you’re a registered scouter and your registered position is already showing up in Scoutbook? Do you have sufficient permissions for all of the scouts you’re trying to connect that you can set their connections?

When you say you “don’t have this feature”, what do you mean? Where are you starting from?

Are you talking about from the Merit Badge interface (i.e. after you “start” the MB for the scout)? Are you talking about from the scout’s connections page? It’s a bit unclear what workflow you’re trying to follow, so it’s hard to give advice on where things might be going sideways.

@PatrickMcCauley Are you a registered adult leader with the troop? Or are you just registered as an MBC?

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I only found a Merit Badge Counselor registration for you. Only adults registered as leaders in a unit can search for Merit Badge Counselors.

I did find what I believe was a youth registration. Did you earn Eagle in Troop 270 in MD in 2000?

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Apologies for the confusion. When I log in to Scoutbook, I can see the merit badge counselor links since I’m register as a music merit badge counselor. However, I don’t see any links on my dashboard to search for OTHER merit badge counselors.

The person currently filling this role has options on his scoutbook dashboard to search, but I don’t.


That is because you are not a registered leader in a unit. Members who are only Merit Badge Counselors cannot search for other MBCs. If you are the MBC coordinator for your troop, you should be registered as a committee member or Assistant Scoutmaster.


Ah, understood. Let me check on my registration. Thanks!

@PatrickMcCauley - it is a separate adult app for a unit position and approved by the charter organization

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