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One scout in troop- cannot add merit badge counselor connections for her

The troop admin is trying to add a merit badge counselor and cannot do so for one scout in the troop. After hitting add and searching for the counselor- nothing comes up. If searching for the exact same counselor under a different scout, the functionality is fine. Any ideas of what could be causing this problem at a scout level? The leader trying to add the merit badge counselor connection is connected to the scout with full control.

The search does not show someone that is already connected. Check to see if the MBC is already connected to the Scout. If so, someone with full control just needs to click on the connection, check the MBC box if it is not selected and select the MB.

The problem is that the search function doesn’t work at all for this scout. It works fine for other scouts in the troop. For example, if I search for Katina in this field for any other scout a list of Katinas will pop up from all over the country. Nothing pops up when a search is performed at this juncture for this specific scout

Have you tried searching by email address? I have a lot more success that way than using names.

ETA: I recognize that you’re pointing out a difference in functionality that appears to exist at the scout-level. I’m trying to figure out if it’s related to what search is being done (i.e. if the algorithm for the search-by-email works, but not the search-by-name).

Try checking this Scout’s Membership page, and make sure that the units under Current Membership are correct. Also look for a green shield with checkmark.

If those look OK, go to the Scout’s Edit Profile page, and check the Scout’s city, state, zip code, council, district, and BSA number are all correct and match as listed at my.scouting.org.

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Unfortunately, i do not have access to my.scouting.org for this scout. I am a district scoutbook volunteer trying to help a unit level volunteer. He did let me know that he has officially put in a help request with the scoutbook help desk and they are testing to determine the problem. I will update here once a solution comes through.

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