Merit Badge counselor form no longer appear

When I go to lookup merit badge counselors and hit the invite. The personal connection drop down shows up but no merit badge counselors list appears.

It is only for admins now - a security hole was found and being worked on

What do I do in the mean time?
When is the fix to be done?
I am the troop administrator
Mark Burch
Troopmaster 472

When you say “troop administrator” do you mean in Scoutbook you are listed as Troop Admin?
When you say “Troopmaster 472” do you mean Scoutmaster?


There is a known issue with searching for adults on both the connections pages and the add leader pages. The developers are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. At this time we do not know when it will be released.

Sorry ,yes I am Scoutmaster for Troop 472 and am administrator of our Scoutbook .
Our District really wants everything done electronically and I currently have a Scout trying to finish a merit badge to attain Eagle . So is there any work around for me to assign a merit badge counselor or do I have to use a hard copy blue card and get a list of counselors from the District?

Mark Burch
Scoutmaster Troop 472


The MB Counselor Search in Scoutbook is working. You can still use this to find a MBC for the Scout. You may not be able to connect the Scout to the MBC in Scoutbook due to the bug.

MBCs are not required to use Scoutbook. A physical Blue Card must still be accepted so that would be the workaround for the Scout.

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