Duplicate Scoutbook Accounts - need to consolidate

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post, but I am looking to merge two Scoutbook/BSA member IDs. The scoutbook IDs are available upon request through private message. Thanks in advance for your help.


I found 3 Scoutbook accounts and 2 my.scouting.org IDs for you. All I need to know to fix this is do you want to use your e-mail address or firstname.lastname as your my.scouting.org ID going forward?

firstname.lastname would be great. Thanks!

OK, give me a few minutes to merge your accounts and retire your e-mail address ID. I’ll post again when it is finished.


I have merged your SB accounts and added your BSA Member IDs to your surviving my.scouting.org ID which is firstname.lastnmame.

Please log into my.scouting.org or Scoutbook and update your mailing address and phone numbers. If they are correct, click SAVE to push them to the other DBs. From what I see you only have a full address in my.scouting.org.

I also recommend contacting your Council and asking them to use Registrar Tools to search for your children and add them under your Relationships tab. The BSA Member ID you need to use is currently listed as primary in my.scouting.org. It ends in 461. Your children’s MIDs end in 413 for N and 253 for R.

Thanks. I’ll add a mailing address and phone number. However, my “birthdate” is showing as “invalid”. How would I update that?

Also, it looks like my training did not transfer (e.g. YPT Status shows as “never taken”).

@PatrickMcCauley What is your current council?

It’s likely Baltimore Area but may be National Capital Area. I’m not sure what the previous account was registered under.

You have two BSA member numbers in Baltimore Area and a third with National Capital Area.

If you are currently in Baltimore Area, then I would recommend setting a different BSA number as primary.

@PatrickMcCauley If you could make sure that you’re logged out of Scoutbook, I will see if I can fix a couple things.

I’ll log out now. Thanks!

@PatrickMcCauley I think both BSA member numbers are valid for you, because you have a Scout in each council.

I currently have the one ending in -254 set as primary for you.

You can try setting each number as primary, and then wait about 24 hours for the training to copy over. However, I would not log back in to Scoutbook until you have the -254 number as primary again, or you might create a new Scoutbook userID.

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