"My Training" in my.scouting.org does not show all training completed in training.scouting.org

I completed my YPT training via training.scouting.org in March, but the “My Training” section of my.scouting.org says I still need to take it.

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When you look at the BSA ID on your training completion certificate, does it match the BSA ID in your my.scouting account (and the BSA ID on your official unit roster)? We’ve had a couple of cases where people took YPT, but it was associated with a different BSA ID (e.g. taken prior to registering, but BSA ID from certificate not included on application).

How do I find the certificate on training.scouting.org?

I think it served me a certificate automatically (or a link maybe?) the last time I took the training. I usually pull my certificates from:

my.scouting.org → “left pulldown menu” → My Training → Completions → select course

Once you select the course, the “certificate” option at the top gets highlighted.


Akela is showing you compelted the 4 modules on 2/23/21 and 3/21/21. I’ll have to ask BSA IT to investigate why it did not record YPT complete for you.

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The ID on the cert seems to match the ID in my profile.

So, the good news is that you’re done with YPT and can prove it. The bad news is there’s some other bug.

In the interim (while the bug is fixed), I think that one of you unit key 3 can manually confirm the YPT completion through training manager at my.scouting.org. I don’t know if that will foul the investigation by BSA IT, though. @edavignon, any thoughts?


BSA IT identified a sync issue with your training. The issue has been fixed but it will take a day or two for all systems to get a consistent training record for you.


I really appreciate it. Thank you!

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