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Youth protection training part 2

Hello it’s me again. I updated my YPT again and it still shows no update. Very frustrating to sit for over an hour and a half two or three times with no physical of off of completion and no I can not print a certificate of completion at the end as it is the old certificate. Here is the steps that I am doung. If something is wrong please let me know. I used Google chrome went to my.Scouting. Org and entered my user name/password. Clicked on the hot logo then programs - ypt-visit-ypt-retake. I clicked on overview & policies than retake -start again-start-i clicked my way through the video At the end it went to the sexual abuse automatically . I click my way through the video and at the end it said to close course button (where is this?).
Bullying I had to click next for test. I went to test then start. I passed with 100% and it said I was now certified!Ted
I returned I my.scouting.org and my training to print the certificate. I saw my status was still 07/16/2019 to 07/16/21 (we need to update every year) as was my certificate.
After the test I see this message
Return to my.scouting.org and under the YPT tab click the printer icon to print your certificate. Use the close course button to evict this training
Where is the close course button?
Thank you in advance to all who helped. It is greatly appreciated with this frustrating situation that I have never had with this trading update.
Stay safe.

When you complete the training it usually gives you the option to print out the certificate of completion. The system updates over night so if you went into the training verification in scoutbook or My.scouting it wouldn’t show until tomorrow if it was taken today.

If you re-took all 4 YPT modules and the YPT certification test, then please contact Member Care at (972) 580-2489 between 7 am - 7 pm CT, Monday - Friday or or send an email to myscouting@scouting.org.

There’s a related thread here, and that was brought up. @JohnBurnham was unable to print the certificate, either.

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I remember reading that there was a related thread. sometimes the system just takes some time i think.

Thank you Jennifer. I just sent them an email. Thank you for the tip.

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@CharleyHamilton - thanks. It was a notice that national is aware of the YPT course competition and cert issue.

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So it’s a National problem On there end?

This is the post:

“FYI. Member care has reported that they have been having some trouble getting YPT certificate dates to update even though the modules have conpleted. They are looking into it. If you encounter this issue I would suggest contact member care and put in a ticket to request they force update your YPT.”

You can check your training record using BSA Training Validation. This database updates quickly; IIRC, seems to refresh every hour. This database seems to be an intermediate step before things show on My.Scouting > My Training.

How to check your training record using BSA Training Validation =

  1. Log in at https://my.scouting.org/ (If single sign on automatically logs you in, then log out and manually log in again. SSO does not play well with this legacy system.)
  2. click MENU > LEGACY WEB TOOLS > Training Validation (Bottom of the list; if the slider doesn’t show up, close menu and reopen)
  3. Search. I recommend choosing all training and searching by Member ID.

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