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Cannot Transfer Scout from pack to new troop?

My.scouting will not allow me to transfer my son to his new Troop.


I think I saw somewhere else on the discussion boards that some of the membership functionality is temporarily disabled while recharters are being processed. This looks like it could be related to that. Someone at @suacadmin may be able to confirm what’s up/down related to rechartering.

Correct, while recharters are being processed, membership functions in my.scouting.org are disabled. I suggest contacting your Council to see what the correct process for making this transfer is.

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We currently have several parents who are friends of mine and are in the same pack and transferring to the same troop and completed the transfer yesterday? I have already spoken to the council and they currently do not know why it is doing this? We received specific instructions from the troop on how to complete this. the only process that they are unable to complete is the payment, however they are able to transfer their sons into the troop.

This is what I was told to do.

Councils provide primary support for BSA tools. If your Council cannot determine why you are having an issue with transferring your Scout, they can file a support ticket. Unfortunately, we do not have visibility into my.scouting.org tools or contacts into that portion of BSA IT.

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