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Parent is trying to transfer an AOL from a pack to a Scout troop in another council. When applying on BeAScout, there is no option to transfer. Following the “Tell us about your child” page, the next one is “Tell us about yourself.” This page does not say “Please click transfer to proceed with this application” and the transfer link is not shown. Only the “Back to previous Page” and “continue” links are show. What can I do to fix this issue?

macOS 14.2.1
Youth Member ID 137477966
From Pack 20 CNCC #416
To Troop 219 MCC #415

Does the parent trying to do the transfer have BSA Member ID 137477967? This is the only parent attached to the Scout.

MYST Transfer tool.pdf (222.1 KB)

@PEPJr The transfer link might not be showing up if the Scout’s registration is expired / lapsed and in the grace period.

Another reason might be if the troop’s Recharter has not posted, yet.

I believe the MYST Transfer Tool only works in council. This is a transfer out of council.

Yes, that is correct.

The pack has not submitted its recharter becuase of this youth’s council dues. If they stay on the recharter, then council dues are required to CNCC #416. They would then have to turn around and pay dues for MCC #415.

@PEPJr The Scout’s registration is technically expired / lapsed right now. I believe that is why the transfer button is not showing up.

The pack should remove the Scout from its Recharter and submit.

The parents should be able to register the Scout with the new unit, but it will not be a transfer, because the Scout does not have a current registration to transfer.

The Scout will get a new BSA member ID number in the new council (this is normal, because each council has its own set of numbers). The parents should register the Scout in the new council so that the name and date of birth match what is currently in the BSA’s database. This Scout was registered using first, middle, and last name, so the parents should register the same way in the new council.

What’s it mean when it says, “If you wish to be registered in both units simultaneously, click the ‘Continue’ button to finish this application?” Could that be a solution to this problem?

We’re here because we were told by council that all Cubs would be registering online at their anniversary date. Last week when trying to submit the recharter, we discovered that Cubs in the unit before 1 Aug 23 would have to pay the old way. We expected to pay leader fees and recharter fee, not thousands of dollars of Cub membership fees. Now we’re scrambling to get this done. I don’t know when we’ll be able to submit the recharter, but there must be a way for families to transfer out and out of council without having to wait on this. It’s not fair to the Cubs.


I suggest contacting the new council and asking them for assistance.

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I would not recommend having the Scout register in both units, because this would mean that the parents would have to pay the council fee for both councils.

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Being registered in 2 councils also makes using Scoutbook difficult because the Scout will have 2 active MIDs and Scoutbook only supports 1 active MID.


The Scout won’t have to pay both fees in the online system using the click continue “to be registered in both units simultaneously” option. They would only pay the fees to the new council at that time. The old council would have to be paid at recharter, but if we were to remove them, they wouldn’t. I think this is the solution. Do you see any other issues?

@edavignon the Scouts are done with SB in CNCC #416 as everything is complete and submitted. Ultimately, when they are removed from the recharter in the above scenario, would that MID issue go away?

@PEPJr I would recommend contacting the gaining council and asking them what they recommend.

I would not recommend: “to be registered in both units simultaneously".

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Out of Council (initiated by parents and leaders)
Works for youth and adults for both in and out of council transfers, but the other options are easier for in-council transfers. The receiving unit and council must have online apps turned on (see [Information About Online Registration for Councils and Unit Leaders | Boy Scouts of America (|Information About Online Registration for Councils and Unit Leaders | Boy Scouts of America]) for this to work. If a registered adult is transferring with this method with their child, the child must be completed first.
Transfer Out of Council | Instructions

But this is just BeAScout - and it is dependent on the correct parent that is connected in AKELA doing it

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But the issue is that you cannot transfer an expired registration, which I think is what is happening here.

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yes expired would be an issue


Follow up:

The “to be registered in both units simultaneously” option worked for doing the out-of-council transfer while our recharter was in process. That option allowed parents to pay their BSA and council annual fees online and get their children transferred efficiently.