Cannot Unapprove an Award (Error) in Internet Advancement

Hi, I’m getting a generic error when attempting to unapprove an award.

This is a known issue. The developers are aware but we do not know when it will be fixed.

The workaround is to use Scoutbook to unapprove the award. Go to the Scout’s awards page in Scoutbook (My Dashboard → Administration → Unit → Unit Roster → Scout → Scout’s Awards) then click on the award completion date then clear the approved check box and click Save.

This award can only be entered by Councils

That’s surprising, @DonovanMcNeil. The application here says to submit via IA or bring the unit leader-signed form to the scout shop to purchase. Doesn’t sound like it’s council-approved.

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For awards that can only be entered by councils, it would be helpful for the error to note that. “Error, this award can only be entered by Scout Councils.”

this is how national wanted it programmed

@edavignon The workaround you mention has worked! Thank you!!

For the thread, this occurred due to a mis-coded award in a TroopWebHost (3rd party product) file import. We think is related to the National Outdoor Achievement Award (Camping) being confused or similarly coded as the National Medal for Outdoor Achievement, which are distinct awards in IA2.0.

Someone probably needs to correct the paperwork to match, then. That link is live directly from the National Outdoor Award webpage here:

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