Unable to start merit badge, only for a couple of Scouts

Hello. I am set as a Troop Admin and I have a couple of Scouts that I am unable to “Start Merit Badge” for. When I go into their advancement tab and click “start”, it takes me back to My Dashboard. This only happens for 2 Scouts in the Patrol, I am able to do it for the other 6 boys in the Patrol. Can anyone help with this?


@DanRiehle - check the membership section of those scouts… no doubt there is an active pack membership

@DanRiehle The most likely reason, as @Stephen_Hornak said, is that the Scouts are still registered with the pack, and have a dual pack / troop registration.

If you would like to post BSA member numbers, we can take a look. (No names, please.)

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That was it! Thanks for the quick reply!

@DanRiehle You have a lot of Scouts, but I found at least 1 Scout who had a pack registration (different from a membership in Scoutbook). You will want to contact your council and ask them to end the pack registration.

How do I know which Scout(s)?

Likely the ones you found with the pack memberships in Scoutbook.

@DanRiehle - most likely your recent cross overs… not properly transferred or checked afterward.

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