Can't access "Needs Purchasing Report"

I attempt to open “Need Purchasing Report” and I am returned to Administration screen. No issues with the “Need Awarding Report” or “Need Approving Report”

@GaryRichards First guess is that your UAC and Admin have ended at Recharter - might need your unit to fix that


Donovan is correct. Ask a Key 3 member (Cubmaster, Committee Chair or Charter Org Rep) to log in to, go to the Unit Roster, select the Position Manager link on the left then Functional Rolls tab at the top. They need to add you as the Unit Advancement Chair. About 24 hours later, Scoutbook will be updated with the correct permissions.

I am having the same issue. Our council registration office and my Scoutmaster both confirmed I am listed as an ASM and UAC. I am able to record advancement, but my notification bell does not show anything needs purchasing. My Scoutmaster logged in and he saw the list. I have cleared my cookies, cache, and updated my browser, too.

Edit: I am able to see the purchasing report on my phone, but not PC. I tried both Chrome and Edge.

@AdamFeldmanis - are you looking ar or

@AdamFeldmanis Are you using Scoutbook? Or Internet Advancement 2.0?

I am using We just went through recharter, but all looks good for my position.

@AdamFeldmanis Try logging all the way out of everything, then log back in.

When you log in at Internet Advancement, do a hard refresh.

Thanks all, I was only listed as a Council Member, I got bumped up to Advancement Chair (where I was before recharter) and the problrm corrected.

I apologize for not replying sooner. I just got home from Okpik and logged into IA2 and everything seems to be working like normal now. Thanks for everyone’s help!

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