Needs purchasing issue

Scoutbook seems to have an issue with needs purchasing report that every one of my adult leaders and admins are having. When you click the “needs purchasing report” link it doesn’t take you anywhere. It just refreshes the screen you are already on. I’ve checked permissions and members and everything seems to add up the way it should. I have tried clearing browser history and downloads, and tried different browsers with no change. This is hindering us from having an advancement night and it is very frustrating. Any help would be great.

Is it possible there’s a scout with awards on it that you aren’t connected to? Either a new scout or one who left your unit recently?

I am having the same problem. I have the items in my lists but the needs purchasing report wont come up, I’ve tried on more than one computer and still no luck.

@AutumnSims It looks like you are an Assistant Scoutmaster and a Patrol Admin.

In order to access the Needs Purchasing Report in Scoutbook, you need to be a unit Admin (Troop Admin) or you need to have the Unit Advancement Chair role and Edit Advancement permissions to all Scouts in the unit (troop).

@ShannonPomp It looks like your Unit Advancement Chair and Troop Admin roles were ended in Scoutbook in July. I do not know the reason. However, another Troop Admin should be able to remove the end dates and re-approve the roles.

So I have been switching my access to see if anything changes and I have had no luck in ANY role or admin access.

@AutumnSims I don’t understand what you mean about switching your access?

In Scoutbook, you need a Troop Admin (usually the Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) to add you as a Troop Admin or as the Unit Advancement Chair. It usually works best if they add you as Unit Advancement Chair at my.scouting using:

Roster → Position Manager → Functional Roles

I’ve had other users switch things around multiple times in scoutbook to try to figure out what the issue was. I was able to open a total of once around 2 months ago when I was first introduced to scoutbook advancement and then never again.

@AutumnSims If you would like, I can make myself a Troop Admin and see if I can access the troop’s Needs Purchasing Report.

I have again had someone switch me over in scoutbook and still no change. I used to have a key symbol next to my name and I no longer have that if it makes any difference. I tried to again load the report and it is still not functional.

@AutumnSims Would you like me to make myself a Troop Admin in your troop and see if I can access the Needs Purchasing Report?

@AutumnSims If they added you as Unit Advancement Chair at my.scouting, then you have to wait for an overnight process to run before you see it show up in Scoutbook.

That would be great. I don’t have any other options to try.

Is there a link to a basic starter guide to scoutbook? No one in my troop actually knows enough about the system. I’m not sure if anyone realizes that by the system being confusing and having extra steps to consider this actually holds scouts back from advancement and they lose steam and momentum in their journey. We have had to delay an advancement night for over a month because of this issue.

There are a lot of help and training pages here:

In particular, I’d recommend these for unit scouters getting started with Scoutbook:

and this one for parents getting started with Scoutbook:

@AutumnSims Please try logging in to Scoutbook again. You should have access to the Needs Purchasing Report now.

Thank you. I am looking to see if my replacement has been named if so he can do the report. This was my last COH, I guess someone jumped the gun in the symptom. Thanks for looking into my issue.

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