Tiger Den will not allow me to add a leader in scoutbook

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I am trying to add leaders to our tiger den. When I do so it keeps saying Position #1 already exists when I try to add Chris Pecone as a den leader and Jessica Pecone as the assistant den leader and I get the same message. When I add my self as a cubmaster is says that I need to choose from the drop down which I did… I chose cub master. When i go to the den page it does not show a leader assigned. This is the only den that it is doing it with. Is anyone able to assist? I have included screen shots of the errors as an attachment.

Tiger Dens do not have den leaders - they have Tiger Den Leaders


let me try that one and i will let you know

@BrianCornwell - there is also no assistant tiger den leader position

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Requesting to please help updating the e-mail in a leader’s profile. I am not able to as a Key 3 member, and the leader says they are not able to since it’s an unused e-mail. Please update the e-mail for SB ID 12358273 to (e-mail removed by Moderator)

Correction my last post. I provided the BSA ID. The SB ID is 9583382, requesting to change the e-mail address to (e-mail removed by Moderator)

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@BrendanEvans Is this adult leader able to log in at my.scouting and change her e-mail there?

Some other options:

You can ask one of your pack’s Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) to add you as a Key 3 Delegate, and the next day you should be able to update leader e-mails at my.scouting.

Your local council can also update this leader’s e-mail address using their Volunteer Support Tools (VST) or Registrar tools. However, they might want the request to come directly from the adult leader or one of the pack’s Key 3.

@BrendanEvans - it would appear that you are not a key 3 in the unit. What exactly is your registered position in the unit?

I am a Key 3 member and a Den Leader for the Wild Den. Is there a problem with my profile or a duplicate profile on ScoutBook?

@BrendanEvans You are registered as a Den Leader, which is not considered to be part of the pack’s Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.). You also have the Pack Admin role in Scoutbook.

Yes, you do have a duplicate account issue. However, much of what you are trying to do would work better for you if one of your pack’s Key 3 added you as a Key 3 Delegate.

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I was a Key 3 member as of just today. All of our Key 3 member were removed, and there is now a Thomas Duffett I have not heard of as our sole Key 3 member. Our Cubmaster for the Pack was even removed as a Key 3 member. That is really strange.

@BrendanEvans If you log in at my.scouting, then go to:

Menu → My Profile

Scroll down to the “Registrations” section, and you can see your current registered positions and functional roles.

If you just got added in a particular position or role today, then you need to wait for an overnight process to run.

Are you only active in Michigan Crossroads?

My user ID is 2659172. Do I have a duplicate profile?

@BrendanEvans Yes. Are you only active in your current council? If so, then I can merge your Scoutbook accounts.

No, supposed to be Key 3 and Wolf Den Leader in Pack 1261. Will have to find out what happened today with all the Key 3 permissions in our Pack.

Our Cubmaster isn’t even listed as Key 3 any more.

@BrendanEvans I see an adult leader with initials RJ registered as Cubmaster (one of the pack’s Key 3). He also has the Pack Admin role in Scoutbook.

@BrendanEvans - are you charter org rep or committee chair in the pack? Those are thothers who would be part of the key 3

I had been put on Key 3 to get the Pack setup ScoutBook. As mentioned, all of our previous Key 3 members were removed as of today.

@BrendanEvans - not exactly an answer to the question. Are you the committee chair or charter org rep ?